TANKTEL PTY LTD provides a fully managed service for monitoring your customer tank levels. This allows your business to run a Vendor Managed Inventory Service (VMI) at very affordable prices.

We Will....
Arrange Installation of the on site telemetry unit if required.
Look after from one to hundreds of sites for you.
Do all the data acquisition, storage and backup of telemetry data.
Maintain the site, including any remote or on-site diagnostics*.
Assist with setting up a polling schedule that best suits your business model.
Provide you with a unique and secure logon to the web browser interface.

All you have to do is....
Connect to the internet, go to our web site and log on!
All your site data, trend displays, usage data etc. will be right there for you.
You can still initiate 'on demand' updates to receive the latest data acquisition.
Use the power of trending and level history data to plan more efficient use of transport.

Our fully managed service takes all the hassle out of managing a customer telemetry network.
We charge you an annual fee which covers everything (plus call costs if applicable).
*Onsite diagnostics may incur a fee, depending on your service level agreement.