Fully Managed Telemetry service

Internet based fully managed telemetry monitoring service. Monitor your customers tank or silo levels from anywhere you have a web browser. Full security and alarming with automated email or SMS notification. Provides trend histories, usage rate analysis, asset tracking, and data reporting services, consignment stock reconciliation and much more.
The Tanktel Telemetry System is a complete Web based monitoring solution with hardware that communicates with our servers using the mobile cellular network or direct link via your Citek or similar solution.

The Complete Solution

With many years experience offering remote monitoring, Tanktel offer a complete range of intelligent field equipment through to comprehensive Internet based software, coupled with comprehensive support services, we offer a complete solution ready to implement today. Monitor level, flow, temperature, density or whatever your process needs require.

Contact us now to discuss the many flexible ways we can meet your remote tank or silo level monitoring needs.