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TANKTEL PTY LTD has specialised in providing complete solutions for remote tank level monitoring for over 25 years.
Originating with DOS based solutions and progressing as technology has progressed to today providing leading edge Internet based solutions. Tanktel strives to keep pace with with the ever changing landscape of technology.
The mytelemetry.com.au website is fully HTML 5 compliant and is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and PC browsers that support this standard. This makes it a simple click and go means of viewing important data anywhere you may be.

The TANKTEL Telemetry System is now used world wide, with hundreds of installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and many European countries. In recent times Tanktel has expanded to include monitoring of important industrial processes such as environmental monitoring. Feedlot monitoring and water quality are also emerging as essential items to be monitored and Tanktel has the capacity to accommodate these needs.

TANKTEL continues to be a wholly Australian company with experienced staff with a wealth of knowledge in process automation and control applications.

As part of the Real Time Group of companies, Tanktel has the expertise to give you peace of mind.

part of the Realtime Group Ltd.

Realtime Group Ltd’s head office is located at Mackay Marina Village, Mulherin Drive, Mackay Qld. The Group specialises in on-line analysers, instrumentation and industrial radiation. Supplementing these divisions is Tanktel which operates an Online monitoring system, initially developed for tanks & silos and now many other critical processes such as flow, temperature and process status.


Realtime Group Ltd began its operations in February 2004. It was formerly known as Callidan Holdings Ltd and evolved through the merger of two private companies, Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd and Real Time Instruments Pty Ltd.
Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd specialised in the manufacture of moisture analysers using a microwave technique. These moisture analysers are sold across the globe predominantly into the minerals sector.

Real Time Instruments Pty Ltd specialised in the sales and service of on-line ash analysers predominantly into the coal industry. The Company has evolved over time to become a world leader in the supply of microwave moisture analysers and a national leader in the supply of our ash analyser product range and industrial radiation services.
More recently the company expanded its operation into Western Australia through the acquisition of two radiation related businesses. In addition our Tank Telemetry business, Tankel and part of the Marketing operate out of Brisbane.

Our Values

The Company prides itself on offering quality products and service and has built a solid reputation by doing so. Building customer relationships is a top priority for management which can only be achieved through the provision of quality service.
The Board of Directors and senior management believe employee satisfaction is highly important to the success of any business. Our employees are the key to the Company’s success and Realtime Group Ltd provides its employees with a great environment to work in.